5 myths about IB schools that you need to understand

International Baccalaureate schools in India are considered to be the elite and the best schools here. The parents wish for their children to get admission to IB boarding school but then several myths stop them from doing so. Today, we are going to touch on this important topic. IB schools provide very good education and that too without any bias. Most of the people are doubtful and think that their child will miss many opportunities in India if he studies in IB boarding schools. But this is a myth. IB boarding schools are equally good for Indian society and abroad. We will clarify a few myths that you keep hearing about IB boarding schools in India.

  1. IB schools are tougher in comparison to other school curricula

This is a huge myth that the syllabus taught in IB is difficult for students to understand. Some people say that this leads to extra burden on students. This is a big lie. The IB curriculum is designed to provide students all-round knowledge about the subjects. As the students grow up, they evolve with each class as the syllabus progresses.

  1. Only foreigners can study in IB schools

Another myth that people have created around IB boarding schools is that these schools are only for foreigners or NRI students. Any child can get admission to the IB school provided he or she passes the admission test for the school. Most IB schools conduct aptitude tests for small children. IB school may sound like a school for foreigners but this is not true. If you are interested in getting admission to any IB boarding school then you may want to visit the website of different IB schools and explore your options.

  1. IB schools are for those who want higher education abroad

Sometimes, people think that IB schools are preparatory schools for those who want to get their higher education from a foreign country because of the international curriculum. This is a false assumption. Anyone can study in IB school and then continue their higher education in India. IB schools are equally relevant for those who want to study abroad and those who want to study in India. In fact, the education provided in IB boarding schools helps student to prepare for further education.

  1. Students of IB schools are not eligible for competitive exams

Firstly, the IB school students are eligible for competitive exams in India. There is no doubt about that. In addition to it, the students are well prepared to do their best in the competitive exams. The education provided in IB schools gets students ready to take any competitive exams whether it is conducted in India or any other country.

  1. The focus of the study is only practical and no theory

It is true that the IB school curriculum focuses on the essays, developing the practical thing and problem-solving skills among students but this doesn't mean that there are no textbooks or theories. There are theoretical classes where the students have to study the theory from the textbook. Theory exams are conducted as well where the students have to get a certain grade to pass the exam.

So, you can see for yourself how boarding schools in India are not just best in what they do but better than the rest of the schools as they provide a wide exposure to the students. The students are not just limited to one nation but by interacting with students of different countries, their intellectual behavior becomes stronger and stronger. Along with the good education, the IB schools prepare students to be good human beings.