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5 myths about IB schools that you need to understand

International Baccalaureate schools in India are considered to be the elite and the best schools here. The parents wish for their children to get admission to IB boarding school but then several myths stop them from doing so. Today, we are going to touch on this important topic. IB schools provide very good education and that too without any bias. Most of the people are doubtful and think that their child will miss many opportunities in India if he studies in IB boarding schools. But this is a myth. IB boarding schools are equally good for Indian society and abroad. We will clarify a few myths that you keep hearing about IB boarding schools in India.

  1. IB schools are tougher in comparison to other school curricula

This is a huge myth that the syllabus taught in IB is difficult for students to understand. Some people say that this leads to extra burden on students. This is a big lie. The IB curriculum is designed to provide students all-round knowledge about the subjects. As the students grow up, they evolve with each class as the syllabus progresses.

  1. Only foreigners can study in IB schools

Another myth that people have created around IB boarding schools is that these schools are only for foreigners or NRI students. Any child can get admission to the IB school provided he or she passes the admission test for the school. Most IB schools conduct aptitude tests for small children. IB school may sound like a school for foreigners but this is not true. If you are interested in getting admission to any IB boarding school then you may want to visit the website of different IB schools and explore your options.

  1. IB schools are for those who want higher education abroad

Sometimes, people think that IB schools are preparatory schools for those who want to get their higher education from a foreign country because of the international curriculum. This is a false assumption. Anyone can study in IB school and then continue their higher education in India. IB schools are equally relevant for those who want to study abroad and those who want to study in India. In fact, the education provided in IB boarding schools helps student to prepare for further education.

  1. Students of IB schools are not eligible for competitive exams

Firstly, the IB school students are eligible for competitive exams in India. There is no doubt about that. In addition to it, the students are well prepared to do their best in the competitive exams. The education provided in IB schools gets students ready to take any competitive exams whether it is conducted in India or any other country.

  1. The focus of the study is only practical and no theory

It is true that the IB school curriculum focuses on the essays, developing the practical thing and problem-solving skills among students but this doesn't mean that there are no textbooks or theories. There are theoretical classes where the students have to study the theory from the textbook. Theory exams are conducted as well where the students have to get a certain grade to pass the exam.

So, you can see for yourself how boarding schools in India are not just best in what they do but better than the rest of the schools as they provide a wide exposure to the students. The students are not just limited to one nation but by interacting with students of different countries, their intellectual behavior becomes stronger and stronger. Along with the good education, the IB schools prepare students to be good human beings.


Career in B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

Engineering is, without doubt, the most sought after course among the students. It assures a great career, respect and successful life ahead. However, pursuing engineering as a career is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Before you decide to become an engineer the foremost thing that should be clear is what kind of engineer you want to be? There are various streams such as Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and many more. Students are free to decide on any of the courses and pursue it.


Today, with high demand among the students, one can find plenty of engineering colleges in Bangalore. Bangalore of late has become the education hub of the country with most premium institutes having their presence here. These are so popular that students come here not only from various parts of the country but the world as well.


Engineering colleges in Bangalore


These boast of various advantages such as state of the art infrastructure which is a great attraction, expert and qualified faculties who have years of teaching experience, a conducive environment to study and grow and most importantly, impressive placement records with lucrative packages. Some of the notable engineering colleges in Bangalore are CMR University, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, AMC Engineering College, National Institute of Technology and many more. Students can select any of these and turn out to be a successful engineer. However, before taking admission it is suggested to visit the website and read more about the college online.


After completing engineering there are numerous career options available. Here, information regarding career after B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering has been discussed. Mechanical engineering is certainly a popular field and deals with mechanics, design, and working of various kinds of machines.


Technical Drawing

We come across various kinds of machines and equipments of various shapes and designs in our daily life. Well, all these come under Technical Drawing that deals with designing, creating and developing various kinds of machines. It can also be a computer-created and using the 3D techniques as well.



Big manufacturing unit hires B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering to look into their manufacturing units as they have detailed knowledge about the assorted manufacturing components and machines.


Competent Analysis and Testing

Regular assessments, testing, and analysis are also required to be done so that machines and other important components work to best of their ability. Mechanical Engineer is competent enough to handle and check out for the regular maintenance of the unit.


Research and Development 

Those who are interested in academics can go for higher studies as well and later get into Research and Development and innovate something useful for the nation that could help in its growth and development.


Variety of Career Options

There is no dearth of career options for a qualified and skilled Mechanical Engineer he or she can easily get into Aerospace industries, automobile industries, thermal plants and many more.


So, if machines, components, and equipments excite you then one should go ahead with a career in Mechanical Engineering. It is suggested to find suitable engineering colleges in Bangalore. Do not forget to visit the website and read more about the details online.


Best 5 colleges for BSc interior designing in Bangalore

If you wish to do a degree in interior design then it is a must that you choose the best college for yourself. Bangalore has many good colleges that provide this degree. If you want to do a BSc. Interior design, then you can choose a college in Bangalore with a residential facility. We analyzed the colleges of Bangalore and found the few best ones that provide theory as well as practical knowledge to the students. Here is the list of the colleges.

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology VIFT

VIFT was established in 1996. The infrastructure of this institute is the best. The institute has different facilities which are best in their class. The classrooms have modern technology to educate students; the library has books for the convenience of students and the labs where students learn about interior designing. All of this is very important for the practical education of students.

Gupta College of Design

Gupta College of Design provides a curriculum that includes all aspects of interior design. While covering all the concepts, the faculty makes it a point to include the practical aspect in the course. That is why a mandatory 2 months internship is included in the program in which the students get to learn a lot on the site. After all, this course is a practical work-based.

Interior Design Academy

The interior design academy provides all the basic facilities to the students along with the degree in interior design. The counseling facility is a special feature of this academy. As the name suggests, this academy focuses on the learning of interior design and that’s it. You can visit the website for more information regarding the BSc. Course. 

Jain University

Jain University provides the residential facility to the students who gain education from the university. The teachers are very professional. They have a lot of experience in teaching the pro level concepts of interior design. The students get time to time exposure to new trends that come along.

International Institute of Fashion Design INIFD

INIFD is a famous interior designing college. It has branches all over India. The Bangalore branch is famous for its quality education that it provides to its students. A lot of star personalities visit the campus and give students tips and tricks to be successful in this industry. The students experiment and learn a lot during their course.

Interior designing is a course that never goes out of trend. Sometimes, people opt for a diploma course which is ok if you have less time but when you are planning on doing a degree then what best than BSc. Interior design where you gain proper knowledge of the industry. The most important part of any course curriculum is the practical training that it provides, so make sure to choose a college that will provide you maximum practical experience on working at the ground level. After completion of the degree, you can either join a job or you can start your own business.


Best Cities in India for Choosing Residential Schools

  1. For centuries residential schools have been popular among Indian parents. Boarding schools are believed to be a safe and holistic learning environment for students. India has a great number of boarding schools, some of which have been a part of the Indian educational system since the early 1900s.

    These schools have enormous infrastructural facilities and some of the best faculty members. Some of the cities that have the best educational facilities and popular residential schools in the country are...

    Dehradun has long been known as the “school capital of India” for its world-class educational institutes. The city has a rich history of honing best schools and colleges of the country since before Indian independence. Today the beautiful city is home to some of the best residential schools of the country including names such as The Doon School, Woodstock School, Welham Boys School, Unison World School, EcoleGlobale International Girls School, Welham Girls School, Col Brown Cambridge School, The Asian School, The Indian Public School, Rashtriya Indian Military College, etc. The serene city environment, scenic beauty and weather makes Dehradun one of the more preferred locations to pursue education in northern belt of the country. The schools are also known for providing students with various physical activities such as hiking, horse riding, archery and so on.

    Pune was termed as the ‘Oxford of the East’ by the late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. Some of the best-known Residential Schools in Pune are Shivneri School, The Bishop's School, BK Birla Centre For Education, Indus International School and Indus International School. The city offers high-quality education and a great infrastructure for students. Shivneri School, one of the top residential schools in Pune is well-known for its attentiveness towards highly competitive aspects of modern academics. The school offers its students with numerous skill building activities beyond classrooms such as hobby classes, sports, and clubs like TEDEd Club, Model United Nations Club, Eco Club, Art Club, etc. You can visit the website, for more information on the school.

    Ajmer mainly gained prominence on the list of best cities for boarding schools with Mayo College. Established in 1875 Mayo College is the oldest and one of the best residential schools in India. Some other prominent residential schools of Ajmer are Mayo College Girls School, Birla International School, and Rashtriya Military School. These schools are known for their principles that are based on quality education, self-discipline, mutual respect, and pursuit of excellence.

    Bangalore is the rising center of modern education in India. Over the past two decades, some of the best residential schools in the country have been established in the city. The most prominent names among them are Sarala Birla Academy, Greenwood High International School, Candor International School, Stone hill International School, and Trio World Academy. These schools provide a well-balanced education system that places equal emphasis on a good academic education as well as extra-curricular activities.

    Some other cities with popular boarding schools are:
    Indore, The Daly College
    Gwalior, The Scindia School
    Darjeeling,St. Paul’s School
    Balipara, Assam Valley School
    Nainital, Sherwood College
    Coimbatore, Chinmaya International Residential School
    Ooty, Lawrence School
    Sanawar, Lawrence School

Top 5 Business Schools to Get Admission in 2020


Management is the most popular and sought after course at the moment. Students from various fields want to pursue an MBA after completing graduation. Management is a professional course that deals with managing various programs and projects with prowess. Top companies hire MBA professionals as they want experts to handle everything with ease and increase the profitability of the company. There are numerous B-Schools in Bhubaneswar among which one can select any as per the choice and preferences. To find out the best B- School it is suggested to visit the website and read more about the same online.


There are various considerations taken into account before you decide about the college to pursue the course. These include state of at infrastructure, to carry out the course with ease. The presence of highly qualified and skilled faculties further adds to the interests of the students. The most important aspect of any reputed institute remains placement record. Top B- schools make sure that their students are placed in top companies with the most lucrative packages.


Top 5 Business Schools to get admission in 2020 have been discussed below-


Xavier Institute of Management 

It is one of the well-known business schools offering the best environment to study. The institute offers various management courses among which students can select any as per their preference. With the support of expert faculties, there is no looking back for the students.


International Management Institute 

Management is a practical subject as one has to organised, coordinate and manage assorted programs. Management students have to interact with so many people regularly. Students in management programs are provided with training regarding all these. Highly qualified faculties make sure that students are prepared for their future endeavours. Internship programs form an integral part of the system and students are provided training to get in hands experience regarding the working of the companies. Placements are also remarkable.


Regional College of Management 

This college has been providing excellent education to the students since its inception. The institute is among the most popular management college and students from all parts of the country come to seek admission. Top companies come for recruitment offering the most lucrative packages.


KIIT School of Management 

It is a reputed college with the finest education system. Students are taught in a holistic learning environment where they can learn new skills and advance way ahead in their careers.


Amity Global Business School

It is one of the premium private universities in Bhubaneswar bestowing students with high-end education which prepares them for their future ahead. The faculties are highly experienced and teach with utmost dedication. The students after completion of the course successfully are assisted in getting placements in top companies with the most amazing packages.


So, if you have been thinking of making a career in the management field, it is suggested to find a most prominent B school in Bhubaneswar to make a successful career ahead. To get more details it is suggested to visit the website and read more about the college, the duration of the course and much more.


Career Options after Diploma in Airline Ticketing

After completing class 12th students are very confused about the kind of course they must opt for. There are two options either one can go academics course where they can study the subject of their choice and later go higher studies as well. The second option is to go for a vocational course which is quite lucrative and allows you to start your career right after completion of the course.

One such popular and high in demand course is Diploma in Airline Ticketing. 

Those who want to make a career in the aviation industry are suggested to pursue this lucrative course which offers attractive placements as well. There are numerous institutes and colleges which are known to offer this course. These are Indian Aviation Academy, Eduglobe School of Learning, Global Aviation Academy and many more.


Before deciding about the colleges it is always a good idea to visit the website and read more about the colleges, duration of the course, fees, faculties and placement record of the institute.


Generally, the duration of the course is 6 months. After completion of the course, an internship is also provided to the students so that they have an idea about the work profile and kind of work they are required to do.


There are certain key skills required which are required for those interested to make a career in Airline Ticketing. First of all, one should have excellent communication skills as one has to interact with so many people. Next, management skills are also essential as one to manage many things at a time.


The various career options available after completion of Diploma in Airline Ticketing have been discussed below-


Work with Airlines

Whenever we go to the airport, one can find customer care executives present on the counter of the respective airlines. These professionals are hired to book tickets, share information regarding the tickets, seats given, policies regarding cancellations and much more. 


Travel Agent

Those who pursue airlines ticketing course are also eligible to become a tour operator as well as during the course information and knowledge about various countries, places to visit and important highlights are also given. This supports in becoming an expert tour operator and carrying out various tours not only in India but abroad as well.


Work in Hotels

As you are preparing to be part of the hospitality industry, there is always the option of pursuing a career in the service industry and become customer care executives in various hotels, restaurants, and bars. This position requires providing the utmost services to the customers and keeping them happy and satisfied. It is a rewarding job and leads to important positions in the future.


Be an Entrepreneur

After doing a course in Airline Ticketing, one can start his or her ticketing business as well and book airline tickets, plan itinerary, book hotels, provide accommodation and much more.  Besides, one can also book railway tickets also.


So, if you have been thinking of doing a lucrative course after completing class 12thDiploma in Airline Ticketing is certainly the best option to go ahead with.



Why Studying B.A. Might Be a Good Idea

The variety of study options that are available these days are abundant, but in today’s competitive world, the students need not only diplomas or certificates to take care of their future, but skills too. However, a Bachelor of Arts, also known as B.A., serves this purpose. This degree is awarded to a student by a university or a college upon successful completion of a study schedule at the undergraduate level. Whether you want to start your career at a very early stage or want to pursue further studies, a B.A. degree will give you the right kick start. Before you can apply for a graduation degree, let’s understand what it is and what you can expect with your studies. There are a plethora of top colleges for B.A. in Bangalore where you can apply. 


Understanding what a Bachelor’s degree is all about 


In India, it takes three academic years to complete a Bachelor’s degree, but if you study abroad, then you can complete it in more or less than four years depending on what and where you choose to study. While you might think that the scope of B.A. is limited to only arts, there are many top colleges for B.A. in Bangalore that offer a degree in a variety of subjects that include science. 


Study routes 


A B.A. degree is offered with a concentration with arts subjects such as fine arts, history, languages, writing, teaching, graphic design, and other such variety. There are some other courses such as psychology, philosophy, chemistry, law, and different other topics. Some of the colleges offer specialization and offer what you want to study. 


Possible career options after B.A. degree


You probably want to know about the answer to the most important question of all and what kind of career you can get if you earn a B.A. degree. Earning a degree can open a wide number of doors to entry-level career options. You will want to consider what your ultimate career goals and what kind of degree will get you there. There are many career options that you can start right after the degree. A wide number of jobs include an illustrator, graphic designer, animator, event coordinator, teacher, dancer, actor, writer, journalist, marketing coordinator and so on. One can also apply for a job which includes retail worker or manager, office administrator or customer service specialist. To get a job, one needs a graduation degree. 


How to apply for a B.A.? 


In order to get started with a B.A. degree, you need to secure admission for a B.A. program. The rule of thumb when it comes to deciding on the study path, the sooner the better. If you want to start early, then you can finish and graduate sooner. You need to be aware of the B.A. application date by which you must submit all the documents. The B.A. college admission deadline differs from time to time and the application to attend schools for the term is usually due in the month of April. So, visit the website of different colleges and choose a college wisely.